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   Heating & Cooling 

  • Adjust your thermostat when you are out of your house or asleep

  • Close shades in summer to keep warm sun out

  • Use fans in the summer; they cost less than air conditioning

  • Move lamps and TVs away from the air conditioning; heat makes the air conditioner work more

  • Install plastic over drafty windows

  • Replace furnace filter regularly; dirty filters make the furnace work harder


  • Turn off lights in unoccupied rooms

  • Use daylight when possible

  • Keep bulbs clean so you get the maximum light from each bulb

  • Use task lighting (lamp) rather than lighting the whole room.


  • Keep the refrigerator coils clean

  • Let food cool before putting in the refrigerator

  • Keep the freezer full, even if you just fill it with containers of water

  • Reduce cooking time by thawing frozen foods in the refrigerator before cooking

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